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Analyzing Survey Data with R

by Okan Bulut

Analyzing survey data properly involves several important steps, such as descriptive analysis, building measurement models, and validating survey results. This course will teach you how to analyze and visualize survey data using R.

What you'll learn

Analyzing survey data often turns out to be more complicated than we anticipate. What are the best ways to summarize and visualize survey data? How do we determine what constructs our survey is measuring? How can we validate results of our survey? In this course, Analyzing Survey Data with R, you’ll learn to how to conduct data analysis with surveys using R. First, you’ll explore how to summarize survey data using descriptive statistics and data visualizations. Next, you’ll discover how to identify how many constructs are underlying the survey data using factor analysis. Finally, you’ll learn how to validate the results from survey data analysis. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of analyzing survey data needed to understand and interpret survey results more effectively.

About the author

Okan Bulut is an Associate Professor of Educational Measurement, Psychometrics, and Data Science and an active member of the Centre for Research in Applied Measurement and Evaluation at the University of Alberta. He teaches undergraduate-level and graduate-level courses on psychometrics, statistics, data mining, and programming. Okan's current research interests include statistical programming, interactive data visualization, computer based testing, and technology-enhanced assessments. Okan is a... more

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