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Developing Android Applications with Kotlin: Custom Views Playbook

by Brendan Wanlass

Adding customized views and components to your app will set it apart from the crowd. In this course, you will learn three foundational techniques for creating any view you can imagine.

What you'll learn

As you develop Android apps, you will discover that the default Android views and widgets almost always fall short. While these components are a great start, you will need to add customized components to maximize your app’s potential. In this course, Android Apps with Kotlin: Custom Views, you will gain the ability to to build any view you can imagine. First, you will learn how to combine basic Android views into compound components. Next, you will discover the benefits of extending existing views to add your own unique style. Finally, you will explore how to build a custom view from the ground up by extending the View class. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of creating custom views needed to build world-class Android apps.

About the author

Brendan is an Android and game developer. He has a passion for well designed, engaging software. He was a designer and engineer for the game Magnetic by Nature ( He is experienced with Android in the Enterprise and spoke and Google's AFW event in London in 2017. His interests include game theory and design, enterprise Android development and entrepreneurship. When Brendan isn't working on a coding project, he's probably gaming with f... more

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