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Android Fundamentals: Data Binding

by Richard Cirerol

A soup-to-nuts exploration of the Android Data Binding library.

What you'll learn

Binding data to views in Android can be an exercise in redundancy. We have typed the methods 'findViewById' and 'setText' many times and have consigned ourselves to the monotony. At Google I/O 2015, a new data binding library was announced that promises to free us from much of the boilerplate code we write for our views. Even in its beta release, the library is powerful and useful. The Data Binding Guide provided by Google teases the capabilities of this library. This course will explore the details of the data-binding library mixing both theory and practice. After finishing the course, you will have a solid foundation on how to use the data binding library to reduce your development time and increase your code clarity.

About the author

Richard is a Senior Software Developer for Vertigo Software. He takes a holistic approach toward software development by exploring pan-technological, as well as non-technological solutions to customer issues. Richard’s latest endeavor is Android application development - with a focus on media-centric applications for high-profile clients. He has a background in .NET web application development with a particular fondness for the Nancy framework. He also has a passion for building API-centric serv... more

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