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Android Data Binding: Getting Started

by Mitch Tabian

Making use of the Data Binding Library is a great way to increase code readability and decrease the amount of code you need to write. You will learn to use custom binding adapters, event handling, and observables to make code more clear and concise.

What you'll learn

At the core of every great Android application is a clean and legible code base. In this course, Android Data Binding: Getting Started, you will master the core concepts of the data binding library. First, you will take a close look at how to perform data binding by inflating views, passing variables to views, and using imports. Then, you will see how to use ternary operators, build custom binding adapters, and handle gesture events. Finally, you will build custom data models that extend BaseObservable, so updates to variables are automatic. When you’re finished with this course, you will have a foundational knowledge of Data Binding that will help you as you move forward to develop mobile applications.

About the author

Mitch loves to teach, but his close second is learning new technologies. The tech industry is evolving and changing at an incredible rate. It's almost as though a new coding language is built every day. He feels very lucky to be living through the technology revolution of the 21st century.

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