Android Fundamentals: Implementing Effective Navigation

by Mitch Tabian

This course focuses on navigation with Android. By the end of the course you’ll understand how to implement effective navigation using activities, fragments, alert dialogs, bottom navigation views, navigation drawers, and tabs.

What you'll learn

At the core of every great Android application is an excellent navigation system. In this course, Android Fundamentals: Implementing Effective Navigation, you will learn how to provide a seamless user experience by implementing the various navigation methods in Android. You will take a close look at activities and fragments. You will see how to use alert dialogs. You will also explore bottom navigation views, navigation drawers, and tabs. When you’re finished with this course, you will have a foundational knowledge on navigating Android applications that will help you as you move forward to develop mobile applications.

About the author

Mitch's passion is teaching. He believes the current education system is outdated and you shouldn't have to spend your life savings to learn about the tech industry.

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