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Android Fundamentals: Views and Adapters

by Sriyank Siddhartha

Efficiently load and display data in a View using Adapter. Explore the implementation of the list, grid, staggered grid, paged list, swipeable Views, sliding Fragments, and a drop-down menu using Android Adapters.

What you'll learn

One of the fundamental requirement for any mobile app is to display data in a View. Very often, the data comes as a collection and must be displayed on the screen as a list or page. To help with this, Android provides a system called Adapter, which is responsible for making a View for each item in the data set. In this course, Android Fundamentals: Views and Adapters you'll understand how to implement Adapters for various use case scenarios. First, you will understand what exactly is an adapter. Next, you'll discover various types of commonly used Adapters associated with RecyclerView, Grids, ViewPager2, Spinner, and Paging library. Finally, you will explore when to use which adapter in your application. When you're finished with this course, you will have skills and knowledge of Adapters needed to manage Views and data set with the best possible performance.

About the author

Sriyank is a passionate software developer and loves to share his knowledge through his blogs and video courses. He follows "share and gain" principle which led him to publish many courses online. Though he has a deep love for Android he also specializes in other mobile app platforms such as iOS and also web development frameworks such as Laravel. He started his journey of sharing knowledge by holding hands-on workshops in various top level Indian Institutes such as NITs and IITs which eventuall... more

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