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Working with Angular Animations

by Gary Simon

This course will help you learn how to make your apps come to life by integrating Angular 2 Animations.

What you'll learn

Animation makes a user interface fun and exciting to use. In this course, Working with Angular Animations, you will to get to explore all that Angular 2 has to offer through animation. You'll begin with understanding some of the basics of animation, before moving into some more in-depth topics including multi-step animations, animation callbacks, calling multiple animations, and animation timing. Next, you'll get to use the Angular-cli to create a new Angular 2 project as a way to gain practice implementing all of the animation concepts you've learned up to this point. Finally, you're going to apply various event-driven animations such as animating the input panel, item submission and deletion, and animating the components nested in the router-outlet. After finishing this course, you'll be more ready to create animations that fall into place right in front of your eyes.

About the author

Gary Simon has worked exclusively as a freelance designer and design instructor for over 15 years. Having worked with a large clientele on many identity and web design projects, Gary has a solid understanding of many technologies and skills surrounding the design and development industry.

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