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Animating AngularJS Applications

by Kevin Weeks

Learn how to incorporate animations into an AngularJS Application using CSS and JavaScript.

What you'll learn

This course demonstrates how to incorporate animation into AngularJS applications to bring new life to an app. The course will cover ngAnimate, the official AngularJS module for animation. ngAnimate makes it easy to use CSS transition and animations or JavaScript animations. You will also learn how to create custom animations and add animation support to custom directives. Lastly, you will learn how to debug and test animations.

About the author

Kevin Weeks works as a Software Engineer for Wanclouds, Inc. Originally a designer, he graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Graphic Communication. During his time at Cal Poly, he was introduced to web design, and found that designing and implementing websites in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript was incredibly fun! He fell in love with CSS and dedicated himself to becoming an expert. As preprocessors like LESS and SASS were introduced, he quickly adopted them into his workflow. Little by little, his... more

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