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Angular Denver '19: Reactive Angular

by Angular Denver

Angular Denver 2019 | Reactive Angular | Aaron Frost

What you'll learn

What does it mean to be reactive? The most valuable skill that Angular developers can learn is how to reactively program using Angular and RxJS, and the most requested topic by the Angular community has to do with observables. In this session, Aaron Frost takes a component that works perfectly the way you normally write Angular and converts it to be reactive. This means that it will be heavily optimized for performance, it will be easier to reason about, and it will depend heavily on an understanding of observables.

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Reactive Angular

About the author

Angular Denver is the coolest Angular conference east of the Continental Divide! Angular developers come from all over to spend two days learning, connecting, and having fun. With around 50 different topics, including authentication, facades, observables, and accessibility and inclusivity in development, there is something for everyone to level-up their developing skills.

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