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Angular Denver '19: Quasi-human Angular Automated Testing with Cucumber

by Angular Denver

Angular Denver 2019 | Quasi-human Angular Automated Testing with Cucumber | Lukas Ruebbelke

What you'll learn

Automated E2E testing is critical to your development release cycle because software quality is of utmost importance despite the fact that humans do not scale. You should not let a human do what a robot can do perfectly every single time. In this talk, Lukas Ruebbelke will teach you how to produce incredible value to your organization by creating an army of robots to ensure that your application works as advertised. More importantly, you will see how to streamline this entire process by creating a human approachable layer around the entire thing.

Table of contents

Quasi-human Angular Automated Testing with Cucumber

About the author

Angular Denver is the coolest Angular conference east of the Continental Divide! Angular developers come from all over to spend two days learning, connecting, and having fun. With around 50 different topics, including authentication, facades, observables, and accessibility and inclusivity in development, there is something for everyone to level-up their developing skills.

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