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Building a Site with Angular and PHP 7

by Christian Wenz

PHP is the most widely-used web programming language in the world, and Angular is one of best-known JavaScript frameworks today. This course will teach you to create a Single-Page Application (SPA) with Angular and connect it to a PHP backend.

What you'll learn

Angular is probably the most widely used JavaScript framework today, and PHP is the most-used web programming language by a wide margin.

In this course, Building a Site with Angular and PHP, you'll learn to combine the powers of both technologies.

  • You start with an introduction to Angular, and then set up a PHP backend with a JSON interface and database storage.
  • Next, you'll explore TypeScript, a prerequisite for Angular
  • Finally, you'll dive right into the JavaScript framework and its concepts.
When you have finished this course, you'll not only have a good understanding of Angular and PHP, but you'll also have learned how to connect your app to a PHP backend.

Course FAQ

What is a Single-Page Application?

A Single-Page Application (SPA) is an alternative to traditional websites that have to load each new page the user navigates to. An SPA dynamically rewrites the one web page with different user interactions.

What is AngularJS?

Angular is one of the most widely-used JavaScript frameworks today.

What is PHP?

PHP is the most-used web server programming language by far.

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn how to build a Single-Page Application using AngularJS with a PHP backend. We will also use JSON and TypeScript to round out the app.

Are there any prereqs for this course?

You should be familiar with PHP and JavaScript but you don't need to know AngularJS or TypeScript - we'll cover that in this course.

What tools do I need for this course?

You will need a web server, the latest version of PHP, and your preferred IDE.

About the author

Christian Wenz is an architect, consultant and author focusing on web technologies. He wrote or co-wrote over 100 books, is a fixture at international developer conferences since 2001, is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Developer Technologies since 2004, and the main author of the official Zend PHP certification. His day job includes conducting security audits, migrating old code bases, implementing complex web applications and helping companies choose the right web strategy an... more

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