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Angular State Management Playbook

by Ervis Trupja

This course will teach you how to use different state management techniques in real applications, ensuring efficient data flow, responsive user interfaces, and overall improved application performance and user experience.

What you'll learn

Managing large-scale Angular applications that have numerous components and services can become challenging and inefficient due to the difficulty of tracking data changes across the entire application. In this course, Angular State Management Playbook, you’ll learn to streamline your data flow with effective state management strategies. First, you’ll explore how to use the Angular’s built in state management capabilities. Next, you’ll discover how to leverage third-party libraries like NgRx and NGXS to handle local and global states, turning complex data interactions into manageable tasks. Finally, you’ll learn how to use Angular Signals, a new system that granularly tracks how and where your state is used throughout an application. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of state management in Angular needed to build robust and highly responsive real-world applications.

About the author

Ervis started his career as Mathematics teacher where he came to realize power of effective teaching. After one year of teaching professionally, he decided to challenge himself in the ever evolving and changing tech industry. He never stopped learning new programming skills and languages. Early on, he started creating web apps just for fun. This passion has since lead to his decision to work full-time in the tech field. The success and fun he has in this field keeps that passion alive today. Hi... more

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