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Scalable Dynamic Graphs & Charts Using AngularJS and SVG

by Tim Gulstine

Use AngularJS and SVG to produce animated, configurable pie charts, gauges, and bar graphs.

What you'll learn

With AngularJS and SVG, we can produce compelling graphical content for web sites - pie charts, gauges, and bar graphs - using capabilities that are already built in to modern browsers and mobile devices. These graphics will be professional-looking, scalable, configurable and can be created with surprisingly little code.

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About the author

Tim Gulstine is president of Convergent Software Studio, a software development boutique outside Chicago, IL. Tim's recent work has focused largely on application development using Microsoft's Web API, AngularJS, and other technologies that foster a testable, loosely-coupled software architecture. Tim enjoys distance running and great Indian food, in that order.

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