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Animate CC Lip Syncing

by Chad Troftgruben

Adobe Animate CC is your all-in-one animation suite. Learn how to build a mouth, create phonemes, and animate a body to create a dynamic lip syncing sequence for any character.

What you'll learn

Animate CC is your all-in-one animation suite. Now, with the new Frame Picker, lip syncing your characters is easier than ever! In this course, Animate CC Lip Syncing, you will build a mouth with a series of layers, create eight poses, and lip sync to a voice with the Frame Picker. Then, you will go further by animating the body to the voice, adding a head turn, creating blinks, and adding squash and stretch. Along the way, you will learn the importance of anticipation, follow-through and the proper way to handle multi-symbol documents. By the end of this course, you'll understand how to create animation with lip syncing. Software Required: Adobe Animate CC.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Chad Troftgruben is a freelance animator and screencaster who specializes in Animate CC, Moho, After Effects and Premiere. He has been working with Flash since 2002 which resulted in the creation of several cartoons for both entertainment and commercial purposes. Chad is mostly known for his online video tutorials for Flash and Anime Studio, which were distributed on YouTube and his website. In addition to authoring several courses for Pluralsight, Chad has produced video tutorials and eBooks fo... more

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