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Integrating Ansible with Azure DevOps

by Shema Christophe

This course will teach you to integrate Ansible with Azure DevOps. As a result, you will learn the process for deploying and configuring resources in your Azure environments.

What you'll learn

When it comes to provisioning, deploying, and configuring resources, organizations today are searching for ways to minimize risks, increase speed and efficiency, reduce technical debt by automating manual tasks, and take advantage of cost savings. In this course, Integrating Ansible with Azure DevOps, you’ll learn to automate the deployment and configuration of resources in Azure. First, you’ll discover the benefits of using Ansible and Azure Pipelines. Next, you’ll learn how to set up your Azure DevOps environment and installing the Ansible extension. Finally, you’ll explore how to use Azure release pipelines to automate your resource deployments. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Integrating Ansible with Azure DevOps needed to automate the process for deploying resources on demand.

About the author

Shema Christophe is an experienced cloud architect consultant specializing in helping companies migrate, re-platform, and modernize applications on the cloud. He has worked in all areas in the software development life cycle, filling roles such as a design engineer, database administrator, database developer, full-stack developer, engineering manager, cloud architect, and ran his own consulting company helping startups strategize and achieve success on the cloud. He currently works as a cloud ar... more

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