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Integrating IT Service Management into Ansible Network Workflows

by Christopher Hart

Ansible orchestration can serve as the “glue” between platforms, fully automating workflows from end to end. This course will teach you how to create integrations between network automation and common IT Service Management tools.

What you'll learn

The application of DevOps principles to IT operations is becoming more common every day. Similarly, business expectations of the modern IT department continue to increase, especially for support teams. Customers demand continuous progress on and rapid resolution of support tickets, causing business management to wage a never-ending war on support metrics like Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) and First Response Time (FRT).

In this course, Integrating IT Service Management into Ansible Network Workflows, you will learn how to interact with ServiceNow and Jira ITSM platforms with Ansible.

First, you will discover Ansible IT automation and orchestration platform and how it can help IT operations and support teams meet these demands by facilitating automation between IT Service Management (ITSM) tools and network automation

Next, you will learn how to automatically apply basic configuration changes to your network automatically based upon information in each ITSM’s change request tracking mechanism.

Finally, you will explore how to automatically troubleshoot and resolve basic networking issues based upon problems filed within both ITSM platforms.

When you are finished with this course, you will be able to create Ansible automation that automates basic ITSM tasks within ServiceNow and Jira. This foundational knowledge enables you to create more complex automation that automates workflows from end-to-end.

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About the author

Christopher Hart is a Software Consulting Engineering Technical Leader for Cisco specialized in enterprise and data center network solutions. Christopher continuously hones his Python software development skills and advocates for automation-first mindsets and DevOps principles. Christopher enjoys producing technical documentation and training, publishing over a dozen articles for Cisco and speaking at Cisco Live 2021. Christopher holds a Bachelor's of Science in Industrial Technology from East C... more

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