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Getting Started with Apache Kafka

by Ryan Plant

This course will introduce you to Apache Kafka and provide a thorough tour of its architecture so you can start building your next enterprise system with it.

What you'll learn

What open source system does Netflix, Twitter, LinkedIn, Uber, and AirBnb have in common that enables them to process hundreds of billions of messages per day? Apache Kafka. In today's enterprises, working with large amounts of data is no longer limited to internet-scale companies - every IT professional must be prepared with solutions to capture, maintain, and move terabytes of data reliably and at blistering speeds. Apache Kafka was designed to address large-scale, data movement problems and has enabled thousands of companies large and small to achieve successes not otherwise achievable with existing messaging systems. In this course, Getting Started with Apache Kafka, you will get a thorough understanding of Apache Kafka's architecture and how it has adopted proven distributed systems design principles that enable it to scale and perform reliably. Then, you will breakdown this architecture into individual components and learn about each in great detail. Finally, you will use the components in action with common scenarios and walkthough how Apache Kafka solutions can be developed in Java. By the end of the course, you will have an understanding and appreciation for why Apache Kafka is taking the industry by storm but most importantly, you will come away with confidence and knowledge to build your next generation big data solutions with Apache Kafka.

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