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Apex Academy: Bulkification and Governor Limits

by Scott Lee

Salesforce requires precisely executed design best practices to avoid colliding with governor limits, which will bring Salesforce transactions to a halt. This course will teach you how to avoid colliding with governor limits while developing new object transactions or troubleshooting existing designs.

What you'll learn

Avoiding collision with governor limits is critical to successful Salesforce development – otherwise, database transactions come to a halt. In this course, Apex Academy: Bulkification and Governor Limits, you’ll learn to design Salesforce object transactions that avoid colliding with governor limits. First, you’ll explore writing better, scaleable Apex that follows bulkification principles. Next, you’ll discover asynchronous Apex techniques that allow for expensive computation. Finally, you’ll learn how to solve stubborn violations in existing triggers or object transactions. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of governor limits needed to build solutions on Salesforce that scale.

About the author

Scott is the CEO of Elega Corporation, a videogame developer and educational content creator, and a Salesforce architect in the energy industry. He has produced business applications as a professional programmer for a decade across industries including litigation support, renewable energy, and natural gas using programming languages such as Python, Rust, C#, and database technologies. Under Elega Corporation, Scott is the lead designer and programmer on their city management game, Kalling Kingdo... more

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