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Quick Guide to API Testing with HP's Unified Functional Testing

by Joe Colantonio

This course will help you quickly come up to speed with general API concepts using HP's Unified Functional API Testing.

What you'll learn

Today's automation engineer needs to burrow deeper underneath the GUI to the API level. Because of this, HP has released a new version of its test tool, called Unified Functional Testing (UFT), and it includes a new test type called API testing (formerly known as Service Test). In this course, Quick Guide to API Testing with HP's Unified Functional Testing, you'll get a "hands-on" look at some of the core concepts you need to know. You'll start with an overview of Web and REST services and how to easily create tests and validate responses. Next, you'll cover most of the UFT API helper activities that allow you to enhance your API tests for even more functionality. You'll also get to see creating custom UFT API code using C#, as well as integrating GUI and API testing into one IDE. By the end of this course, you should have a solid understanding of getting running with UFT API and API concepts in general.

Table of contents

About the author

Joe Colantonio has more than 15 + years of test automation and performance testing experience and is the founder of the popular test automation blog, where he has been blogging bi-weekly for the last five plus years. Joe is also the founder and host of, a podcast dedicated to all things test automation related. He is also the author of the highly rated book 'The UFT API Testing Manifesto' A step-by-step hands-on testing guide for the masses. Simply put, Joe's miss... more

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