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Event Driven Updates with Apollo Subscriptions

by Jonathan Mills

This course will teach you everything you need to implement GraphQL subscriptions in both the client and the server to keep your client applications in sync with the server.

What you'll learn

All too often, a client website’s data becomes stale and out of date with what is available on the server. A standard way to handle that is by implementing a polling system that has the client ping the server for up to date information at regular intervals. But there is a better way! In this course, Event Driven Updates with Apollo Subscriptions, you’ll learn to implement GraphQL subscriptions to keep your client and server in sync. First, you’ll learn how to implement subscriptions on the client side and explore what that means. Next, you’ll discover how to implement that subscription on the client side and keep your client page up to date. Finally, you’ll explore how to authenticate and filter subscriptions on both sides of the application. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Apollo needed to build real time applications that keep their information up to date.

About the author

Jonathan is a Pluralsight Author, Technology Advisor, and Business Leader. As a member of the Chief Digital Advisory team at World Wide Technology, Jonathan is able to leverage his unique experiences and skills to drive digital transformation for his clients. As a dedicated developer community leader, Jonathan serves on the board of directors for the Kansas City Developers Conference, is a Microsoft MVP, and is a regular speaker and keynote presenter at conferences around the globe.

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