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Testing Apollo 3

by Marques Woodson

Just like any other application, Apollo applications need to be tested. This course teaches you how to properly test your full-stack Apollo application.

What you'll learn

The Apollo GraphQL library is one of the most popular tools around for building a GraphQL-based application. Just like any other application, Apollo applications need to be tested. Building a full-stack application means you need to know how to test the React side built with Apollo Client as well as the server-side built with Apollo Server. This course, Testing Apollo, will walk you through testing both the client and the server. First, you will learn about testing queries and mutations in your react application. Next, you will explore unit testing your resolvers as well as integration and snapshot tests. Finally, you will discover how to use introspection to get the schema definition of a GraphQL database. By the end of this course, you will know how to properly test your Apollo client and server.

About the author

Marques has been involved with software development for years, specializing in Javascript application architecture, hybrid mobile application development, and Node.js applications. As a family man living in Chicago, he's had the chance to work with large enterprises doing legacy code optimization and refactoring, and startups building from the ground up. I'm passionate about experimenting with Javascript frameworks and libraries and figuring out what would work best for my current team/project. ... more

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