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Applying MVVM in Xamarin.Forms 4 Applications

by Gill Cleeren

Learn how to create your Xamarin.Forms applications using the MVVM (View Model) pattern to create a more testable and easy-to-maintain code base.

What you'll learn

Xamarin.Forms allows developers to build Android and iOS mobile applications with a shared code-base. Because Xamarin.Forms allows sharing the UI code as well, a high level of code reuse is possible to create a more testable application, and that’s something that most enterprises look for when building mobile apps. In this course, Applying MVVM in Xamarin.Forms Applications, you’ll learn about building applications using MVVM. First, you’ll explore the pattern and the different building blocks. Then, you'll refactor a simple application to use MVVM. Next, you’ll see how to introduce common tasks into the application including navigation and showing dialogs. Finally, you’ll learn how you can make use of the MVVM pattern to allow for easier unit testing, proving the fact that MVVM-based applications are easily testable. After watching this course, you’ll have a good understanding of the concepts of MVVM as used to build testable Xamarin.Forms apps.

About the author

Gill Cleeren is a Microsoft Regional Director, MVP and Pluralsight author. Gill is the CTO of Xebia Microsoft Services Belgium and focuses on web and mobile architecture. He's also a frequent speaker at many international conferences. Gill also founded Techorama, the biggest IT conference in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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