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Architecting IAM for Security on AWS

by Jordan Yankovich, Aaron Medacco, Armen Avanesi and Tom Compagno

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About the authors

Jordan is a digital consultant for a leading top-tier management consulting firm. Jordan specializes in enterprise software development and delivery in the the latest cloud ecosystems. He often uses pop-culture references and analogies to describe software paradigms and frameworks. Jordan has created and led teams to create scalable applications for business sectors such as telecommunications, automotive, field force automation, construction management, and healthcare. Jordan travels across the ... more

Aaron has worked as both a cloud architect and software developer, specializing in solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). He holds several certifications encompassing development, architecture, and operations within the AWS cloud service suite. Aaron has contributed to companies offering services in the healthcare, training, point-of-sale and e-commerce sectors of business. His interests in the cloud space include automation, serverless computing, data, and security. When he isn't working on hi... more

Armen is currently a software developer in Melbourne, Australia. Day to day, he helps startups build elegant, scalable applications. He is passionate about traveling, trying new food, and teaching others how to code.

Tom has spent over 24 years across multiple industries building products and platforms including: banking, tele-communications, e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing. He has designed and built recommendation engines, consumer banking platforms, and mobile applications, as well as business and consumer facing e-commerce SaaS platforms. Recently he leveraged his technology background to build business, product, and IT strategies for companies like O.C Tanner, State Farm, and USAA Insurance. He is ... more

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