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Creating Architectural Visualizations Using Enlighten in Unity

by Michael Calver

In this Unity tutorial, we'll learn how to take a scene from a 3D modeling package and effectively use it. Software required: Unity 5.

What you'll learn

We will cover everything from asset assemble and unity shaders, to game physics and Enlighten real time global illumination. By the end of this Unity training you'll have the confidence to undertake your own Unity 5 projects, and further understand the use of real time computer graphics. Software required: Unity 5.

About the author

Michael Calver is a designer and CG Expert who has a proven ability to deliver varied, high-profile projects to large-scale and world-leading organizations. Michael has wide-ranging knowledge across the full spectrum of Computer Graphics, ranging from augmented reality, simulation tools, and immersive environments to art working, production pipelines and complex content creation. Having worked across various locations in the industry, Michael enjoys pushing the boundaries of computer graphics an... more

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