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Apr 5, 2013
1h 39m

Arduino is an open source hardware and software platform for prototyping hardware solutions. This course will show you all you need to get going with Arduino and be able to build fun and interesting Arduino hardware solutions.

About the author
About the author

Although Jon spent the first few years of his professional life as an attorney, he quickly found chasing bits more interesting than chasing ambulances. Since 2011, Jon has been concentrating on the mobile world. Working mainly in iOS, Jon has helped numerous companies create and transform mobile teams into teams that can create, build, test, and deploy mobile applications with ease.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Introduction to Arduino
Hi, this is Jon Flanders with Pluralsight and in this module, in this course, I'm going to give you an Introduction to Arduino. At the end of this module, you should know what Arduino is; how to set up your Arduino environment on your OS, which is typically going to be OSX, Linux or Windows; you're going to learn some very basic Arduino programming skills; you're basically going to learn how to do Hello World in Arduino, which making an LED blink. Once you've gotten past that stage, then you can watch the rest of the course and learn more details about Arduino and the environment and how to use it.

Programming Arduino
Hi, this is Jon Flanders with Pluralsight. In this module, I'm going to cover the basics of Programming in Arduino. I would expect by the end of this module you'd know the basics of the Arduino language, as well as how to use the IDE effectively.

Arduino Hardware
Hi, this is Jon Flanders with Pluralsight and in this module, I'm going to talk about Arduino hardware. What you will learn by the end of this module is the basics of the Arduino board and the hardware that it supplies.

Working with Sensors and Shields
Hi, this is Jon Flanders with Pluralsight and in this module, I'm going to talk about working with sensors and shields. The idea behind this module is pretty simple. It's to give you an overview of the different extra pieces of hardware that you can add to an Arduino project for fun and, as the slide says, potentially for profit, probably not for profit, probably just for fun or for experimentation. There are a number of shields and extra components that can work with Arduino. Once you get the basics down, I highly recommend you search the internet for different projects that people have done to give you ideas about what kind of projects that you could do. What I'm going to try to do in this module is just walk through a number of different shields that I've seen being used or I've used myself to give you sort of a flavor for what's out there and what's possible.