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Prepare for the ARE Vol. 6: Construction and Evaluation

by Kevin Griendling

This course decodes the AIA contract language to offer candidates a road map for passing the 6th ARE exam. Learn the most efficient study package for candidates who want to know the most essential elements encountered in the testing center.

What you'll learn

Looking for the most efficient and concise ARE 5.0 study material for your studies? In this course, Prepare for the ARE Vol. 6: Construction & Evaluation, you will experience a detailed look at the contract language to be seen on the exams, and the implications of the architect’s actions related to those questions. First, you will learn the risks and liabilities of architectural practice. Next, you will analyze the roles and responsibilities of the owner, contractor, and architect. Finally, you will explore how to observe construction and determine appropriate courses of action based on contractual obligations. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of successful ARE 5.0 candidates needed to pass the Construction & Evaluation exam.

Table of contents

Course Overview
AIA A201-2017 Architect and Subcontractors

About the author

Kevin is a Project Manager in a small architecture firm designing education and senior living facilities, and doubles as an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at MT. San Antonio College. He has been exploring the field of architecture for ten years, with three years of project management and teaching experience in his current positions.The passion he has for teaching permeates most aspects of his life, which brings him to Pluralsight. While teaching Rhino and Grasshopper in classes, Kevin's key c... more

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