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Getting Started with Argo CD

by Steve Buchanan

Many organizations today have adopted cloud & Kubernetes. Organizations multiple production Kubernetes clusters online often across multiple clouds the complexity of management increases. GitOps has risen as a pattern used to reduce the complexity of managing Kubernetes clusters and cloud native applications. This course will teach you the ins and outs of Argo CD a GitOps Operator tool, its core concepts, architecture, and how to use it with Kubernetes clusters..

What you'll learn

In the world of cloud-native developers work with Kubernetes, serverless, & a plethora of other cloud technologies, as well as DevOps tooling. Typically, in DevOps, the Infrastructure code & Application code are separated as well as deployed separately resulting in issues such as system state & config drift, instability, faulty config changes, & more. GitOps combines Git with GitOps Operator tools often housed in Kubernetes making Git the single source of truth for developers bringing more efficient, secure, centralized version control, a centralized operating model for Kubernetes, & cloud-native, as well as faster releases. In this course, Getting Started with Argo CD, you’ll learn to how to utilize Argo CD a GitOps operator for Kubernetes continuous delivery. First, you’ll explore Argo CD’s core concepts and architecture. Next, you’ll discover what it takes to deploy and operate Argo CD. Finally, you’ll learn how to how to Deploy and Manage Applications with Argo CD. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Argo CD needed to get Argo CD running, and use it to manage Kubernetes clusters and deploy applications continuously to them.

About the author

Steve Buchanan is a Principal Program Manager with a leading global tech giant focused on improving the cloud. He is a Pluralsight author, the author of eight technical books, Onalytica's Who’s Who in Cloud?-top 50, and a former 10-time Microsoft MVP. He has presented at tech events, including, DevOps Days, Open Source North, Midwest Management Summit (MMS), Microsoft Ignite, BITCon, Experts Live Europe, OSCON, Inside Azure management, keynote at Minnebar 18, and user groups. He has been a gue... more

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