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Interior Rendering Strategies with Arnold and Maya

by Kirt Haymore

This course is more than just creating an image of an interior room; it's about telling a story and selling an Idea. Architectural renders have a purpose and that is what you'll be focusing on. Software required: Maya, Arnold.

What you'll learn

Arnold is a powerful renderer and provides artistic control without having to spend hours learning the tools. Sure, you'll create lighting and add textures, but the life of the course comes from the why. In this course, Interior Rendering Strategies with Arnold and Maya, you'll learn interior rendering strategies with Arnold and Maya. First, you'll explore visualization theories and how to apply them to our scene. Next, you'll use Arnold lighting techniques that will save time in your final render. Finally, you'll add textures that add realism to your image. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding when it comes to interior rendering strategies with Arnold and Maya. Arnold is making its way into many industries and for good reason. When it comes to architectural visualizations medium does not matter, the final image does! Software required: Maya, Arnold.

About the author

Kirt is a 3D Generalist with several years of experience. He has a passion for photography and striving for realism in 3D renders. He has experience with many software packages including Maya, 3ds Max, Arnold, mental ray, V-Ray, Photoshop, and many others. He has a passion for learning and teaching the tips and tricks that he picks up along the way. Kirt also has a Bachelor of Arts in Animation and a Masters in Adult Education and Training.

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