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Preventing Switching Loops and Configuring Complex Technologies on ArubaOS-Switch

by Leigh Bogardis

This course covers everything from spanning tree protocol, through link layer discovery protocol, into layer 3 switched virtual interfaces, static routing and RIP routing, and more, all on ArubaOS-switch devices.

What you'll learn

ArubaOS-Switch is an alternative to the ubiquitous Cisco IOS devices, and learning how to resolve layer 2 loops, configure layer 2 discovery protocols, and understander simple layer 3 routing concepts are great skills to have for all network technicians and engineers. In this course, Preventing Switching Loops and Configuring Complex Technologies on ArubaOS-Switch, you will learn foundational knowledge/gain the ability to configure and verify layer 2 loop prevention protocols and simple layer 3 routing. First, you will learn how and what spanning-tree protocol to configure. Next, you will discover how to enable layer 3 routing on the ArubaOS-switch devices. Finally, you will explore how to configure and verify both static routing and simple RIP routing. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of spanning-tree, layer 2 discovery protocols, and simple layer 3 routing needed to configure and verify ArubaOS-Switch devices and interwork them with Cisco IOS devices.

About the author

Leigh cut his teeth on frame relay and ATM at the turn of the century, moved on to SDH and DWDM for the new millennium, returned to TCP/IP in 2008 and has enjoyed the opportunities offered him by various clients and companies. Currently focusing on network design and architecture, as well as virtualization and security.

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