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Deploying ASP.NET Core Blazor Applications to Azure

by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan

ASP.NET Core Blazor offers hybrid and server or client-side deployment models. This course will teach you how to select the correct deployment model for your business applications.

What you'll learn

Building single-page applications with a complete .NET tech stack provides a lot of productivity to developers. The ASP.NET Core Blazor framework offers engineers the flexibility of using the .NET ecosystem across the entire application. In this course, Deploying ASP.NET Core Blazor Applications to Azure, you’ll learn to deploy your ASP.NET Core Blazor applications to the cloud. First, you’ll explore the different profiles that Blazor framework provides, the server-side hosting or the client-side deployment, and the benefits of each offering. Next, you’ll discover the tooling and the platforms that are offered by ASP.NET Core and Visual Studio to package and deploy the Blazor applications to the Azure cloud. Finally, you’ll learn how to optimize the package for delivery by using the best practices for deployment, such as package compression, code trimming and much more. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of ASP.NET Core Blazor needed to deploy your single-page apps to the cloud.

About the author

Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan is a Senior Software Engineer from Rabwah, Pakistan, and likes .NET Core and Node.js for regular everyday development. He is an expert with Cloud, Mobile, and API development. Afzaal has experience with the Azure platform and likes to build cross-platform libraries/software with .NET Core. Afzaal is an Alibaba Cloud MVP, twice he has been awarded Microsoft MVP status for his community leadership in software development, five times CodeProject MVP status for technical writing... more

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