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ASP.NET Core 6 Playbook

by Alexander Tushinsky

This course will teach you how to deal with common problems and provide a pattern and solution for working through that particular issue using .NET 6 and C# version 10.

What you'll learn

This course aims to provide specific recipes for everyday problems that developers face.In ASP.NET Core 6 Playbook, you’ll work on solving specific real-world problems using C# and the .NET 6 platform. First, you'll explore session state and best practices for implementing session state within web applications. Next, you'll dive into using dynamic fields within your user interface since it is also an important part of software development. Finally, you'll explore several methods that let you add, collect, validate, and save input dynamically. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to handle some of the most common and perplexing challenges in .NET 6 and C# 10.

About the author

Alex has spent the past 30+ years working as a software developer, application architect, cybersecurity professional, and technical trainer. He is a lifelong learner and holds over 20 active certifications in IT. Alex is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He has taught at Rutgers University, Bergen Community College, County College of Morris, College of Southern Nevada, and UNLV. He holds a BS in Software Development and a Masters in Cybersecurity from We... more

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