ASP.NET Core 3 Health Checks

by Rag Dhiman

Learn how to add real-time custom, app health reporting to your ASP.NET Core application, using ASP.Net Core Health Checks. See how custom health checks can be provided to meet all your application, health monitoring, and health reporting needs.

What you'll learn

Ever wondered how your ASP.Net Core application should report its health, and the health of its dependencies to the world? In this course, ASP.Net Core Health Checks, you will gain the ability to implement health reporting throughout your ASP.Net Core application. First, you will learn how to implement simple health check endpoints within your application to report your app is alive and able to respond. Next, you will discover how to customize these health checks by adding additional dependency health checks, and custom formats for your health reports and health statuses. Finally, you will explore how to extend your applications health reporting functionality by changing it to a push model, where your application periodically and proactively publishes health check information. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of ASP.Net Core Health Checks needed to implement health reporting within your ASP.Net Core application.

About the author

Software development consultant, specialising in software architecture, Agile development methodologies and using the cloud as your software development platform alongside your on-premise infrastructure.

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