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Migrating Legacy HTTP Modules to ASP.NET Core

by Chad McCallum

This course will focus on porting existing HTTP modules and HTTP handlers from legacy ASP.NET applications into the new ASP.NET Core framework.

What you'll learn

You've heard the talk, watched a few intro videos, and browsed the docs. Now it's time to move your existing web application into ASP.NET Core. In this course, you'll learn step-by-step exactly how you can port current ASP.NET applications over to the new and improved ASP.NET Core stack. First, you'll explore how to setup your request and responsive pipeline. Next, you'll discover how to consume and create services such as Entity Framework. Then, you'll jump to working with the new HttpRequest and HttpResponse objects. Finally, you'll learn how to use server features to ensure your code can run on any platform. By the end of this course, you'll know how to migrate your existing legacy ASP.NET applications, or to get a better handle at some of the inner workings of ASP.NET Core from the context of a legacy application.

About the author

With a passion for software development Chad McCallum is a Saskatchewan computer geek with over 7 years of .NET experience (and 2 years of PHP, but we won't talk about that). After graduating from SIAST Kelsey Campus, he picked up freelance PHP contracting work until he could pester iQmetrix to give him a job, which he's hung onto for the last 6 years. He's come back to his roots in Regina and started HackREGINA, a local hackathon organization aimed at strengthening the developer community while... more

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