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Getting Started with ASP.NET Core 2 SignalR

by Roland Guijt

This light-weight, compact course will teach you what ASP.NET Core SignalR is, how it uses underlying real-time web techniques, how to get started using it, and how it's different from earlier versions.

What you'll learn

Real-time web functionality is almost a must when developing a web app nowadays. In this course, you will not only learn how the real-time web works, but also how to implement it using the greatest real-time web framework available. First, you will explore real-time web in general and about the low-level transports SignalR uses: WebSockets, Server Sent Events (SSE) and long polling. Next, you will learn about the SignalR concepts, and the ways SignalR uses the underlying transports to do Remote Prodecure Call (RPC) by utilizing Hubs. You'll also see what the differences are with earlier versions and what the challenges are when scaling out. Finally, you'll discover how to implement an example application step by step and you'll see how to deploy it to Azure. We're also taking a look at the security features. When you're done watching this course, you'll understand when SignalR is a good choice for problems you are tasked with solving.

About the author

Roland is a Microsoft MVP enjoying a constant curiosity around new techniques in software development. His focus is on all things .Net and browser technologies. As a long-time trainer, he led many courses on these topics and spoke about them at international conferences. He also travels around the globe to offer his self-developed workshops. The word that comes to mind when he thinks about software development is passion! Roland lives in The Netherlands with his wife and two boys.

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