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UI Best Practices Playbook for ASP.NET MVC

by Dino Esposito

User interface is not just important; it's the only thing that matters for end users. A specific, tailor-made user interface is sometimes necessary. More often though, you just need to pay more attention to how to code common tasks in web views.

What you'll learn

Gone are the days when, as a developer, you could just display a type-insensitive editable data grid to have users create or update content. In this course, UI Best Practices Playbook for ASP.NET MVC, you'll learn twelve golden practices to reinvent the way you collect and present data in ASP.NET MVC web pages. First, you'll learn the different way that users expect to accomplish common tasks such as changing a password, selecting from a list, and entering a date. Next, you'll learn to spot some basic and common problems in a user's experience that developers deliver in web views. Finally, you'll learn to avoid common pitfalls that bring about complaints. By the end of this course, you'll be prepared to employ these golden practices when building your web pages.

Table of contents

Course Overview
UI Isn’t Just Important; It’s the Only Thing that Matters
Picking Items from a (Long) List
Providing a Better Experience for Changing Passwords
Taking Care of Those That Bootstrap Left Behind
Being Tidy and Clean with Drop-down Content
Avoiding Excessive Scrolling with Large Input Forms
Keeping the User Informed While Posting Data to the Server

About the author

After 20+ books (mostly with Microsoft Press) that educated two generations of .NET and web developers, 1000+ articles, hundreds of conference talks and 10000+ hours of training, Dino returned to pure and pragmatic software development and architecture. As the CTO of Crionet, Dino is the brains behind the software platforms that support 24x7, end-to-end operations in the circuits of professional tennis and padel tournaments and move data from on-court tablets up to betting web sites. Dino is al... more

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