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Aspose.Words for .NET: Creating Dynamic Documents

by Ryan Louth

Give your business a newer, better way to prepare documents. This course introduces the Aspose.Words for .NET API, which allows developers to incorporate efficient, dynamic, and data-driven document processing capabilities into their applications.

What you'll learn

If you or your business is in need of an innovative solution for document preparation, this course is for you. This course, Aspose.Words for .NET: Creating Dynamic Documents, provides an introduction to Aspose.Words for .NET, an API that allows developers to implement document processing within their applications, all without requiring any Microsoft Office applications. While Aspose.Words is packed full of great features, this course will specifically focus on creating and generating documents and/or reports from inside the application. You can also fully utilize any .NET-driven data source to populate these documents (ADO.NET, XML, Business Objects, etc.). You'll learn how to install the Aspose.Words API, understand the Aspose.Words Document Object Model, and utilize its comprehensive set of classes and enumerations. You'll also discover how to create documents either from scratch using C# code or by exploiting the mail merge capability to populate a pre-existing template. Finally, you'll explore and apply a variety of data-driven techniques to dynamically fill those forms with information, and learn how to save the documents they create. By the end of this course, you will be able to integrate document processing into your applications in order to create and prepare better documents.

About the author

Ryan Louth is a software developer for GuideStone Financial Resources. Before becoming a developer, he taught middle school science for several years. Having always had a passion for technology and software, Ryan completed his masters degree in Software Engineering and transitioned to a career in the world of IT.

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