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Astrophotography Fundamentals

by Phill Monson

Astrophotography is an increasingly popular photography style among photographers of all levels. This course will teach you the foundations and help you to understand the settings and equipment needed for successful astrophotography.

What you'll learn

Have you ever seen an image of the Milky Way and wondered how in the world it was captured? In this course, Astrophotography Fundamentals, you’ll learn how to dial in the perfect settings and the equipment needed for successful astrophotography. First, you’ll discover how to properly find and shoot astrophotography and the fundamentals behind a successful image. Next, you’ll explore the specific camera equipment needed, and the specific settings you'll use to capture stunning images that combine the landscape and celestial skies. Finally, you’ll delve into breaking down advanced astrophotography techniques and explore specific examples so you can be ready to capture the images you've always dreaded. By the end of this course, you'll have a fundamental knowledge of astrophotography and be able to capture your very own astro images.

About the author

Having started a love of photography shortly after graduating college in 2007 with an entry-level camera and a three-week trip to Europe, Phill discovered the incredible Desert Southwest, and has dedicated the last decade to capturing this diverse landscape. He regularly presents to small and large groups discussing landscape and astro-landscape photography techniques, and is well known in the landscape photography arena of the new digital age. Phill lives near Salt Lake City, UT with his wife a... more

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