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Getting Started with Asynchronous Apex on

by Scott Lee

Break out of Salesforce's Apex Trigger and the basic limits of Apex by stepping into asynchronous processing. This course teaches Salesforce's techniques of future methods, queueable Jobs, scheduled Apex, and batch Apex.

What you'll learn

If you're a new intermediate Salesforce developer stuck in the capabilities of Apex Triggers, it may be time to use asynchronous Apex. Asynchronous Apex fires on Salesforce's queue and outside the context of triggers, which allows for massive workloads, expensive computations, and parallel processing. In this course, Getting Started with Asynchronous Apex on, you'll learn how to use asynchronous Apex to help round out your skills as a Salesforce developer. First, you'll explore future methods and queueable jobs for accomplishing what triggers cannot. Next, you'll dive into scheduled Apex and batch Apex. Finally, you'll cover how to manage massive workloads. By the end of this course, you'll have the fundamental knowledge required to build your own asynchronous solutions to solve the challenges of your organization when it prefers to stay with Salesforce as a primary platform.

About the author

Scott is the CEO of Elega Corporation, a videogame developer and educational content creator, and a Salesforce architect in the energy industry. He has produced business applications as a professional programmer for a decade across industries including litigation support, renewable energy, and natural gas using programming languages such as Python, Rust, C#, and database technologies. Under Elega Corporation, Scott is the lead designer and programmer on their city management game, Kalling Kingdo... more

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