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Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript (with Rx.js Observables)

by Jafar Husain

This course will teach you to become a more effective JavaScript programmer by showing you how to master asynchronous programming.

What you'll learn

Learning how to build and manage asynchronous programs is perhaps the most critical part of becoming a productive JavaScript programmer. Unlike most programming languages, JavaScript is single-threaded. As a result, JavaScript programs must use async APIs to stay responsive to user input while performing long-running tasks like server requests and animations. This course, Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript (with Rx.js Observables), will show you how it is possible to build most asynchronous programs using a handful of simple functions. You’ll learn why most JavaScript developers approach asynchronous programming the wrong way, and how to avoid these common mistakes. By the end of this course, you will know the tools, concepts, and libraries required to be an asynchronous programming ninja.

Table of contents

About the author

Jafar Husain is the Cross-Team Technical Lead for the Netflix UI's. He is the architect of Netflix's UI data platform, and specializes in building reactive, event-driven systems. He has trained hundreds of developers to build event-driven systems in JS. He is the Netflix representative on the JavaScript standards committee and is actively working to evolve JavaScript.

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