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Audio Programming with NAudio 1

by Mark Heath

A thorough tutorial in the use of NAudio, an open source audio library for .NET.

What you'll learn

This course teaches you how to use all the major features of NAudio, and open source audio library for .NET. It includes plenty of code examples for playback, recording, working with files and codecs, streaming and visualising. You'll also learn about what underlying system APIs are being used by NAudio, so you can ensure your application runs as expected on all target operating systems.

Table of contents

Course FAQ

What is NAudio?

NAudio is an open source audio library for use in .NET applications.

What is NAudio used for?

NAudio was created to provide a way to easily write audio applications using .NET.

What software is required for this course?

NAudio was built against .NET 3.5, so that or any newer version will work.

What will I learn in this course?

This NAudio tutorial will explain the base classes and interfaces, and the Signal Chain components included in the NAudio library out of the box.

What prerequisites will I need for this course?

It's recommended that you watch the Digital Audio Fundamentals course first.

What file types are supported by NAudio?

NAudio supports MP3, AIFF, WAV, and WMA out of the box. Support for other audio file formats can be added through Microsoft Media Foundation.

About the author

Mark Heath is a software developer based in Southampton, England, working for NICE Systems as a software architect creating cloud based digital evidence management systems for the police. He is the creator of NAudio, an open source audio framework for .NET. He is passionate about continually improving his skills and training other developers, and in recent years has been particularly focused on the challenges of creating scalable and reliable Azure-deployed systems. In his (very limited) spare t... more

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