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Auto Scaling AWS Resources

by Peter Van der Weerd

Do you want to stop guessing how much capacity you need for your EC2 instances, containers, and databases, and still have a performant environment? This course will teach you what Auto Scaling means and why it is important.

What you'll learn

Stop guessing capacity and automatically scale resources to keep performance up and costs down. In this course, Auto Scaling AWS Resources, you’ll learn to manage some common AWS resources, like EC2 Instances, containers, and databases with regards to Auto Scaling. First, you’ll explore what Auto Scaling is and why it is needed. Next, you’ll discover which resources are candidates for Auto Scaling. Finally, you’ll learn how to manage the Auto Scaling functions and features of common AWS Resources. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of AWS Auto Scaling needed to plan and execute Auto Scaling several resource types.

About the author

Peter is a freelance UNIX, Linux and all around storage trainer/consultant. After his English Master's at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, with specialization in Shakespeare and other writers, he decided that he wanted to write himself; but not novels or plays. He started writing articles on computers and operating systems, creating course materials as he went along and published for the late Sysadmin magazine. He worked at Sun Microsystems, first as an employee, but since 1997 as... more

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