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Introduction to Autodesk CFD 2016

by Frank Poggio

Is your compact electronic device design overheating? This course will help you get up and running with Autodesk CFD to solve that a many more problems with heat transfer or fluid flow. Software required: Introduction to Autodesk CFD 2016.

What you'll learn

Autodesk CFD is a tool which will solve almost any heat transfer or fluid flow problem. In this course, Introduction to Autodesk CFD 2016, you'll be introduced to this helpful Autodesk tool. First, you'll learn the user interface, view and selection modes, and customizing the settings. Next, you'll learn about default meshing, mesh refinement techniques, and boundary layer meshes, as well as the different ways to generate a mesh, remove a mesh, rebuild a mesh, and preview a mesh. Finally, you'll learn about the CFD folder structure and file naming conventions, the maximum element count limitations, running CFD over a VPN, troubleshooting, graphics, settings, and service pack updates. After finishing this course, you will be ready to start using Autodesk CFD. Software required: Introduction to Autodesk CFD 2016.

About the author

Frank Poggio is a Mechanical Engineer with 23 years of professional experience. He has successfully developed dozens of products across multiple industries. Frank has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison.

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