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Automated Acceptance Testing with SpecFlow and Gherkin

by Jason Roberts

Learn how to create business-facing acceptance tests in natural languages in Visual Studio and .Net.

What you'll learn

SpecFlow is a tool for writing tests in Gherkin that the business can understand. Once the tests are written, the steps of these natural language tests can be hooked-up to actual coded automation and tests.

Table of contents

Course FAQ

What is SpecFlow?

SpecFlow is an open-source tool for bridging the communication gap between domain experts and developers - allowing non-technical people to write acceptance tests for the system that we're developing.

What is an Acceptance Test?

An acceptance test enables us to validate that we're building the right system and that the system contains the right features that are required by the users, the business, or the product owner.

What will I learn in this course?

You will get an overview of the SpecFlow tool itself. We'll discuss acceptance tests in general and some of their characteristics, then see how SpecFlow can be used in test-first approaches. Finally, we'll create a new project in Visual Studio and add our first feature file to it.

About the author

With over 15 years of experience in both frontend and backend software development, Jason Roberts is a freelance developer, trainer, and author. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computing, is the author of several books, and writes at his blog Jason is an open source contributor and in addition to enterprise software development, he has designed and developed Windows Store and Windows Phone apps.

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