Automating Cisco Endpoint Security Solutions Using APIs

by Nick Russo

Inserting security appliances into your enterprise network is necessary but not sufficient. This course will teach you how to programmatically manage Cisco AMP, ThreatGrid, and Umbrella to provide next-generation protection for endpoints.

What you'll learn

Endpoint security is often overlooked or deferred in the context of enterprise security due to challenges with scalable management. Leveraging automation can greatly simplify endpoint security operations. In this course, Automating Cisco Endpoint Security Solutions Using APIs, you'll explore Cisco's flagship anti-malware product, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for endpoints, and interact with it using a robust REST API. Next, you'll discover how to improve the effectiveness of AMP by tying it into ThreatGrid, a detonation chamber for suspected malware, again using the REST API. Finally, you'll learn how to protect roaming users from Internet attacks using Cisco Umbrella, a cloud-hosted, DNS-based security service. Specifically, we’ll focus on the Umbrella Reporting, Enforcement, and Investigate APIs. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of security endpoint management to operate and maintain modern solutions at scale using automation.

About the author

Nick Russo, CCDE #20160041 and CCIE #42518, is your go-to-guy for all things networking and automation. Nick loves training online and speaking at industry conferences sharing his expertise.

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