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Assigning Resource-based Policies on AWS

by Fernando Medina Corey

AWS has a variety of different methods to control access to resources and services. In this course, we'll look at using resource-based policies to control access to AWS resources.

What you'll learn

Security in an AWS environment is critical. In this course, Assigning Resource-based Policies on AWS, you will gain the ability to understand, create and modify resource-based policies. First, you will learn the basic context surrounding different AWS policy types. Next, you'll learn how resource-based policies stand out from others and the purposes they serve. Finally, will learn how to use resource-based policies to extend permissions to AWS users in other AWS accounts. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of resource-based policies to begin to apply them to your own AWS resources.

About the author

Fernando works full time learning the newest trends and tools in application development in order to share them with application developers and architects. Before this, he worked as a Data Engineer at Curalate, where he analyzed data from products used by hundreds of the world's leading visual brands. He also writes frequently about serverless development, and data and security topics. He especially enjoys helping others learn about cloud infrastructure offerings to better support the needs of d... more

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