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Getting Started with AWS Athena

by Aaron Medacco

AWS Athena is a new, serverless technology enabling users to query S3 data interactively. This course teaches you everything you need to use Athena, including access configuration, schema definition, querying, and performance and cost optimization.

What you'll learn

Ever wish you could query data without needing to provision, manage, and configure infrastructure and software? Enter AWS Athena, a scalable, serverless, and interactive query service newly provided by Amazon Web Services. In this course, Getting Started with AWS Athena, you'll learn how to utilize Athena and perform ad-hoc analysis of data in the Amazon Cloud. First, you'll explore how to setup user access, and define schemas which point to your S3 data. Next, you'll discover how to query information using SQL in a few simple steps. Finally, you'll delve into how Athena works from behind the scenes and understand the best practices that drive Athena cost and performance optimization. By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge necessary to start implementing solutions with AWS Athena on your own datasets in your own AWS environments.

About the author

Aaron has worked as both a cloud architect and software developer, specializing in solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). He holds several certifications encompassing development, architecture, and operations within the AWS cloud service suite. Aaron has contributed to companies offering services in the healthcare, training, point-of-sale and e-commerce sectors of business. His interests in the cloud space include automation, serverless computing, data, and security. When he isn't working on hi... more

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