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AWS Big Data in Production

by Matthew Alexander

The amount of data in the world of business continues to grow almost exponentially. This course will teach you how to use AWS provided tools to create the necessary support structure for handling big data now and in the future.

What you'll learn

As the world of business continues to operate at a normal pace, the amount of data that is generated grows almost exponentially. Handling this increase in data requires both intelligent applications and smart tooling. In this course, AWS Big Data in Production, you will learn how to strategically implement big data on AWS in production environments. First, you will learn how to automate infrastructure provisioning with CloudFormation all the while controlling costs. Next, you will discover how to secure customer data through IAM and encryption at rest with S3 and EBS. Finally, you will explore how to visualize data using QuickSight. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of big data practices needed to enrich your current big data systems.

About the author

Matthew Alexander is a Software Engineer with several years of practical experience building distributed systems in the AWS cloud. In his current capacity he leads the charge in designing and implementing next generation infrastructure for Lucid Software, Inc. Prior to working for Lucid, he was instrumental in designing and bringing to life several of AWS' external and internal product offerings for Cloudfront (Lambda@Edge) and S3. Outside of work, Matthew loves to wind down with his family, enj... more

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