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Dec 10, 2019
1h 46m
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AWS Elasticsearch is a lightning-fast real-time analytics and search engine. In this course, Building an Elasticsearch Cluster with Amazon Elasticsearch Service on AWS, you'll learn foundational knowledge of AWS Elasticsearch. First, you'll gain the ability to upload, index, and search data using the service in AWS. Next, you'll discover how Kibana can be used to visualize large datasets in Elasticsearch. Finally, you'll learn how to create a fully functional search application powered by Elasticsearch and related AWS services. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of Elasticsearch on AWS needed to create custom search engines and real-time analytics dashboards.

GitHub link with all code used in demo's -

About the author
About the author

Jordan is a digital consultant for a leading top-tier management consulting firm.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Course Overview
Hey everyone. My name is Jordan Yankovich, and welcome to my course, Building an Elasticsearch Cluster with Amazon Elasticsearch Service on AWS. I am an IT consultant and cloud architect located in Dallas, Texas. Elasticsearch is a state‑of‑the‑art search engine for schema‑free JSON documents with an HTTP‑based interface. In this course, we are going to learn how to use Elasticsearch and its related services in AWS. Some of the major topics we will include are uploading and surging data, visualizing Elasticsearch data and creating dashboards with Kibana, and how to use related AWS services with Elasticsearch to create search‑based applications. By the end of this course, you will know how to create a fully‑functional custom search application using Elasticsearch in AWS. I hope you'll join me on this journey to learn Elasticsearch with the Building an Elasticsearch Cluster with Amazon Elasticsearch Service on AWS course here, at Pluralsight.