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Managing Certificates with AWS Certificate Manager

by Chad Smith

SSL Certificate operations are a zero-sum game. This course will show you how to use Amazon Certificate Manager in AWS to offload those operations to a managed service.

What you'll learn

SSL certificate management should take very little or no effort from an operations perspective. This course, Managing Certificates with AWS Certificate Manager, will help you get up and running. First, you'll get a review of SSL certificates and where they are applied in application infrastructure. Next, you'll see the ACM service and the workflows and limitations relevant to it, as well as some of the intricacies inherent in implementing certificates. Finally, you will go over the operational responsibilities of customers and AWS for ACM, including a diagram of the service integration between ACM and other services and examples of troubleshooting. When you are finished with this course, you'll understand how to create and use certificates in the AWS ecosystem.

About the author

Chad Smith is a unix guru by training, but has spent the last 5+ years immersed in AWS. He is certified in both Architecture and System Operations, as well as a certified AWS trainer. He has worked in many facets of industry, including academia, startups, construction, and large enterprises, holding various levels of responsibility within IT and technology.

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