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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (SAP-C02)

by David Blocher

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional will elevate your AWS game. Confirm your technical skills and expertise with an industry-recognized certification to grow your career.

What you'll learn

Hello Cloud Gurus!

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional (CSA-Pro) exam reaches far beyond testing in-depth knowledge of the AWS platform and delves into your ability to make decisions in ambiguous situations, wrestle with sub-optimal trade-offs, and tease-out minute details from paragraphs of text. All this is carefully designed to permit only those with true, multi-dimensional mastery of cloud architectures to call themselves Certified Solutions Architects at the Professional level.

In this course, we cover:

  • The four knowledge domains covered by the CSA-Pro exam
  • Some of the inner workings of AWS services to truly understand their benefits and constraints
  • Real-world solutions architecture approaches and recommendations
  • Strategies on answering complex multi-part questions that are common on the exam

This course is a refresh of the popular Certified Solutions Architect - Professional course, updated to cover everything you need to pass the SAP-C02 exam. It’s been updated with more content, more strategies and more tips.

The CSA-Pro exam is for advanced practitioners, and so is this course. We assume that you already have several years of AWS architecture experience behind you and that you already hold the AWS CSA-A certification, if not all three Associate-level AWS certs. This course will not only help you slay the CSA-Pro dragon with confidence, but will also help you continue to develop professionally as a Solutions Architect.

Table of contents

About the author

David has always had an interest in learning and teaching complex systems. Before he was working with AWS, he spent his days learning and teaching board games at his local board game cafe in hometown Columbus, OH. Over the last six years working in tech, he has gone from a self-taught Ruby developer to a 4x AWS certified senior consultant in cloud technologies, and now a Training Architect at Pluralsight. David holds both professional-level AWS certifications and is passionate about helping peop... more

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